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Resfeber I was when commenced this expedition of creativity and blogging! My name is Neha Bhardwaj and coming from the Land of Gods (Himachal Pradesh); it was always in the back of my mind to rush the online world with what I think about traveling, nature, and people living around.

The fashion thing took on later while my graduation phase was on.

Commenced with fashion and beauty blogs quite late. It went on and off while I was completing my Masters in Business Administration!

The entire journey of my fashion, travel, health (and much more) has been nothing less than a roller coaster ride- Sparky and Crazy!

Now, this has happened and finally sharing the little tidbits here with you all that spark my soul. ✨


Neha Bhardwaj (Writer and Blogger)



Being a born and raised Himachali, my approach has always been comfy yet trendy and down to earth.

Isn’t that much like my place?

It is, indeed!

My idea is to fit in the fashion that suits me, live where it feels like bliss, and eat what soothes my soul.


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A Few More Details About Me!

(Foodie, professional writer, social media enthusiast, and a day dreamer). When I think of my *HAPPY PLACE*, it is me, my laptop, and my cup of coffee or it is exploring understanding myself now. I analyse things more than I ever did before.
And, what I have understood about myself – I have great powers to accept – accept things, people, situations (as they are).
I’m more into me now. Figuring out my experiences and how I’m changing for better.
Other times, I am WRITING.

💅🏻 Facts That I Live By!

Be yourself, be unique, and don’t stress yourself to be someone else to please others.
✅ Listen to your inner voiceonly that matters.
✅ Do what you love (even if it offend others).
✅ Think less, do more, and expect nothing.
Eat what you love 🍕, but don’t forget exercising.🤸🏻‍♂️..

Watch it NOW!

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