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Neha Bhardwaj- My First Blog (Lifestyle, History)-Creative Blogger India

Neha Bhardwaj, creative blogger in India

Hello Peeps! I am Neha Bhardwaj– writer by Profession and currently working for an IT firm in IT Park, Chandigarh! My roots are in Himachal Pradesh, which is an astonishing place to live now and forever. On my expedition to getting a title of Creative Blogger India.

While inscribing this first blog, it seems that there is so much that I want to share with you all. So what better than just putting all your thoughts on paper and let the world read that. Yeah, there are many fashion bloggers to follow online followed by some great health and fitness blogs, but this is my life and my story. This blog is not just some made up the story, but actually what made me what I am today.

The Early Phase

It just reminds me of getting ready in the morning (for no good reason) to bathe in those bright sunny days. Used to get up early in the morning, get ready for the day, and then just chill with kiddos from society! Isn’t this the life I want now? Definitely, who wouldn’t want to just get up in a place surrounded by nature, all set to calm your soul and mind? I didn’t appreciate residing in the Himalayas until I went out to another state.

The Truth About Neha Bhardwaj, creative blogger in India In 3 Minutes

Life Kept Going and So Did I

I did my schooling from Kasauli and what enticed me that time was fancy dress competitions, dancing, and chatting. It was funny how those silly games and talks used to make our days. And funny it was how teachers never allowed us to pee until it turned into an emergency! LOL (How silly was that). I never got bad grades; even teachers appreciated my work, always! In short, schooling was amazing!

Bachelors and Masters- It was Purely Coincidental!

By the time I was about to step into my bachelors, I had realized that studies are not my thing. NAH….. Not at all! Neha Bhardwaj lost interest in the studies because I had done that enough by now. (Wink). I somehow completed my Bachelors in Business Administration, also started following some fashion blog sites then. Had fun during this phase, and thought never to go back to any university after that. But I didn’t know Masters was waiting for me.

Follow the lifestyle of Neha Bhardwaj, creative blogger in India

Got admission in a Government university thinking it to be a good move for my career. But who knew the world was going to take me somewhere else after this. With no curiosity, I took my Masters degree in Business Administration, which is still lying in one of those old cupboards, where I hardly store my favorite things. *SAD*

Scribbling- Happened Again, Continued My Journey of Creative Blogger India

Since I was always clueless about what I am going to do in my life, I was automatically driven to a road of becoming a writer. It was already on my way, but I didn’t notice it.

Neha Bhardwaj, creative blogger in India- Mystery Revealed

It was back in 2013 that I completed my Masters. After that, I was just enjoying life at home- eating, sleeping, and Facebooking- yes the entire day. It continued until the next eight months, and after that, I just started feeling the urge to do something with my ‘until now fusty’ career.

I have always loved reading blogs, especially healthy living blogs, and be familiar with people who put their soul out in their words. Somehow, it was fascinating! I don’t know what drew me into those blogs- but it was just superb sipping on coffee in your cozy bed, and reading blogs. *The best feeling ever* Most of these blogs were about fashion, travel, health, followed by some quirky quizzes. I was getting into this all over, day by day!

Finally, I Moved Out!!! *Best Feeling Ever*

Fantastic- That was my feeling as soon as I got to know that now was the time to live in the Queen of Hills, Shimla. Holding all that excitement in my heart, I went out to my sister’s place, who was working there. At her place, I spent almost a month and a half.

Winning Tactics For Neha Bhardwaj, creative blogger in India

Days passed, and somehow I got to know about some vacancies in one company through the pamphlet and called them up. They called me for the interview, and soon I started working with this small company as a Writer- This was the beginning of my writing expedition!

Continuing this writing job,  I moved to Chandigarh and now working as a Team Leader of the writing department in an IT Company. Well, that’s how my expedition of Creative Blogger India is continuing now!

Watch this for knowing more about me!!!

“Beneath this Confident Girl Lies the Life that Made Her”– Neha Bhardwaj

(Creative Blogger India)

Neha Bhardwaj




  • Preeti

    Nice blog!!!!

    • Neha Bhardwaj

      Thanks Preeti… Keep Supporting 🙂

  • Kelvin

    Its awesome..good synopsis of your life.

    • Neha Bhardwaj

      Thanks Kelvin! Keep Supporting 🙂

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