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Neha Bhardwaj Blogger and Writer


Fact: Everyone Has The URGE to Create’ Something!


Neha Bhardwaj (Creative writer and blogger)


Confused? These Questions Might Help…

  • Are you a newbie writer who wants a platform to showcase your writing skills?
  • Do you like writing about travel, fashion, health, or technology?
  • Are you a creative writer who wishes the world to read your blogs?
  • Are you looking for a long-term collaboration that offers you amazing business opportunities?

If yes, you are at the right place!

Guest Post | Neha Bhardwaj | Writer & Blogger


I am waiting for my creative writer’s squad to glamorise the site by contributing some creative posts that the world will see soon.

So, hey lovelies, I encourage all you avid writers to tap into your creativity, create your first post, and join this creative tribe.

Work with me | Neha Bhardwaj


What Topics to Contribute?

👉🏻 Well, anything that you like to write about. It just don’t have to be offensive to anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings.


🙌🏻 I’d love to Feature ‘YOU’ on🙌🏻


Work with me (Guest Post) Neha Bhardwaj

If you have gone through my ‘HIRE ME‘ page, you know a bit about me.

Let’s not be strangers anymore!

Sharing about me a bit here, you can share about yourself too…

neha Bhardwaj | Writer and Blogger


Content Creator | Neha Bhardwaj | Blogger


Neha Bhardwaj - Content Creator and Blogger

Guest Post at Neha Bhardwa.jpegj


Watch it NOW!

Guidelines to Guest Post on the Site

1. Your article must at least be 500 words, just to make sure that our readers have something valuable to read.


2. Author Bio + Image! I understand the pain when the writers don’t get the credit for what they have written. (I have gone through that too). That’s why I believe in supporting the writer’s work by giving them the credit they deserve. So, don’t forget to send a small description of about 80-100 words along with your best headshot.


3. HEADINGS, SUBHEADINGS, BULLET POINTS, FACTS, IMAGES – No post is complete without this! So, make sure yours have all these points to stand out from hundreds of other submissions.


4. HIGHER READABILITY SCORE is a must. Make sure to keep the paragraphs short and readability score higher to get your post noticed.


5. UNIQUE + ORIGINAL= PERFECT POST – Remember, only a unique post has the power to add value to the reader’s life. There is no point in creating content that is plagiarized or common. Your post should pass Copyscape and Grammarly test to get published. *Content Shouldn’t Be Published Anywhere Else.*




7. NO COPYRIGHT IMAGES, PLEASE- I appreciate if the images are yours, or from open/free sources including Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay, and any other source you know. (Attach Images separately).


8. SEND ME YOUR TOPIC + OUTLINE FIRST. There is no point in writing something that doesn’t suit the website.




(Full credit for what you have written will definitely be provided in the ‘author bio’ section).



Submissions will (Unfortunately) be rejected, if:

1. You have already published it on some other website or your own blog.
2. The post is less than 500 words.
3. Your content doesn’t fit any of the submission guidelines mentioned above.
4. The submission doesn’t fit the readers or my creative editors.

work with me- neha bhardwaj

PLEASE BE PATIENT, if you don’t hear back soon.

(Remember, either the editors are scanning your post, or it is somewhere in the stack and will be seen soon).

Note: retains all rights to reuse/modify your content, once submitted, and as needed.


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Interested In Contributing?

AWESOME! I am finding extraordinary writers to join my creative squad! Please express your interest at, so that someone from my creative squad can reach you when the opportunity is available.


Let Your Creative Juices Flow!

Share your ideas and topics, and we will share your creative post with the world.

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Mail me your stories and posts at

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Neha Bhardwaj | Creative Writer

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