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That Office Bitch- How to Keep Yourself Safe from Her?

That Office Bitch is Fucked Up

GUARD UP YOU ALL! That Office Bitch is Coming…

We are certain about one thing, and that is your office has that one bitch too! You know the one who acts and behaves like a saint but has a terrible and horrible reputation when start working in any organization. She works on one mantra:

Your Success + Your Profits+ Your Appreciation = What Accelerates her Jealousy (LOL)

F**K You, Bitch!

How to Identify Her?

This disgusting woman will make you look like a culprit for everything in front of everybody and become a saint herself. But you know what, she is the real shit who is destroying her career, in every way. We mean how she will even think to survive when she joins some other company. Well, God give her some brains! In short, she is jealous of everything you have, even your salary!

Her Traits

  • Acts sweet and polite, but is planning her sickening next move in her mind full of shit
  • Keep surrounded by Guys and act flirtatious, for some obvious reasons
  • Has lost her Innocence way before then you can even imagine
  • The average worker with a mind full of shitty substances
  • Acts Victim
  • Confuses people with her sugar-coated talks
  • Behaves dumbhead, but is actually very cunning
  • Manipulative
  • Gel up with other people, just to use them for her advantage
  • Wants to be the center of attraction

What To Do When She is at Your Workplace? Rescuer Tips!

There are certain things you can do to stay away from that office bitch. And, here are certain ways to do so:

Cut Her Trap of Sweetness

Of course, she will try to act shy, sweet, and friendly in the beginning, but better it would be for you to stay away from that sugar coated talks. This work bitch knows how to play with your job, reputation, and respect, just to make her way to the top position. Her ‘jealous face’ will tell you everything when someone in the office compliments you. Try to notice that look closely! She is jealous even when you are chilling with your pals in the lunch break.

Fighting Back is a Waste of Time

Yes, you will have that urge to answer back to all those shitty and lame allegations that she put on you. But remember, that office bitch has a nasty and filthy mindset and thought process. She can drag you to her low level and make you behave exactly like her. Remember, if she is your junior, there would be no respect coming from her. Because she never learned to respect anyone! So, leave this bitch alone with her negativity. Moreover, you don’t have time for such dumb shit, anyway!

Bye Bitch. Leave, Just Leave!

Remember, She is a Creepy Liar

She wants to see your career and reputation fall, and this is her aim. Otherwise, she has no aim except to flirt around with every man and even make perfect use of her guy to do the planning and plotting. You will still be thinking about what you actually did for experiencing all the shit that she created to you. But, hey, f**k that bitch as she has just no aim in life, or shall we say NO Life. She knows exactly how to cover her damn lies.

Reasons Why Is She Doing This

  1. She is super insecure. Yes, she might have nothing to praise about in her life, and that is why she can’t see you growing and flourishing.
  2. Her creepy mind has no productive thoughts to work upon.
  3. She is here to be the center of attraction because sadly, she never got attention in her entire life. Maybe her life was gloomy in childhood.
  4. She will make everyone look bad and down, just to look good in front of everyone else.

That Office Bitch!

The Crux

So, hey lovelies, all we need to say in the end is that it is better to stay away from that office bitch. This is the only thing you can do to live peacefully in your workplace.

We wish you all the courage and power to deal with that office bitch.

Neha Bhardwaj



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