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Neha Bhardwaj Sharing 10 ‘Finding Cheater Girlfriend Stories’

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Neha Bhardwaj now believes that some issues are more of action than of words. The same goes for when you are doubtful about her loyalty. But, before you conclude that your girl is cheating on you, you must have enough proof even if never gets her on the act to say so. There are always many ways of killing a rat, ‘including burning the house.’

So, if you are devoted to your relationship and something fishy pops out on the way, take some action. If you ever thought is she cheating, you will notice more than enough evidence especially if it’s your girlfriend cheating. However, if you are cheating as well, it might be difficult for you to notice the signs and symptoms of a cheating girlfriend.

I, Neha Bhardwaj, then went ahead in search of the answers for this question and found a few guys, who had their answers for this question. As a creative blogger in India, I have done some intense research, which has landed me to those ten ways that tell your girlfriend is cheating on you, or not.

Symptoms Revealed By Different Men on Identifying a Cheater Girlfriend

So, here is what these guys told me, this was what they were going through while having a relationship with a cheater girlfriend.

Guy 1 told Neha Bhardwaj, “She Spent Less Time with Me”

Most of the time, despite my tight schedules, I try to curve and create as much time as possible to spend ample time with my girlfriend. According to me, this is very important in a relationship if you are devoted to moving it to the next step. You will get to know each other well and probably get even closer every time you spend together.

The guy discussed with me, Neha Bhardwaj, that most girls would love this and speak from my own experience, my girlfriend appreciates the efforts I make to at least spend an hour or so daily with her, and this is quite good on both of us.

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However, if she suddenly starts to show no interest and dis-urge to spend more time with me despite my efforts to create that time, I definitely will know that something is wrong somewhere. If she starts giving excuses that she can’t manage to come and meet you and probably starts suggesting that you should commence spending time with other people as well, she is probably spending time with another person, and she is definitely cheating on you. So, if this is happening, don’t confuse if is she cheating or not. She is, clearly!

Guy 2 said, “She Failed to Disclose Her Where-About.”

It’s a norm for boyfriends and girlfriends to have the curiosity and urge to know where their partners are and at what time. This is to show that they care about you or perhaps they want to fix their schedule to meet yours so that if there is any chance you can spend time together, you do it. If there is nothing to hide, she will tell you where she is, and she might throw a suggestion that if it’s possible, you meet her there or pick her there.

If she is cheating on you, she won’t bother to tell you where she is or ask you to pick her. She will cut the story short whenever you ask her where she is or was and bring about new topics to discuss. If this happens several times, I am sorry to break it to you, but honestly, she is cheating on you. Even now, you will say is she cheating?

Guy 3 said, “She will Never Look Directly into Your Eyes.”

Eye contact is both a weakness and a strength. It depends on who is looking on whom. If you have done something wrong to someone, to look him/her in the eye is the last thing you want to do on earth. The same case applies to your girlfriend. If she is cheating on you, she won’t dare look you directly into your eyes.


Her conscience is betraying her, and she feels guilty of it. You will try to come close to her and have the beautiful ‘eye to eye silent ‘moments but she will turn away and you might think she is shy, but she isn’t. She simply is cheating on you, and she is not strong enough to look you into the eye because she thinks she might expose herself and you might suspect her. This is what another guy discussed with Neha Bhardwaj.

Guy 4 said, “She will Cut Physical Consent.”

Physical consent is quite a fundamental requirement in love life. Kissing and tight hugs are spices that make love sweet and are tools to make the relationship stronger since you get close and more attached to each other’s sentimental life. If this bond is cut all of a sudden, this can be fatal and uneasy. When you see your girlfriend is not interested in kissing you or other types of consents you did before together, know something is wrong. She is probably doing it somewhere else with someone else and has lost interest in your, completely. Instead of asking is she cheating on me, just decide on what to do about it.

Guy 5 said, “She Kept Unusual Secrecy.”

While this interrogation between Neha Bhardwaj and Guy 4 was happening, we knew that any secret in a relationship can prove to be very hazardous. And if not dealt with can lead to breakups.

When you notice that your girlfriend is not picking some of her phone calls whenever you are around, know something is wrong. You probably have touched her phone and gone through it before, and she didn’t refuse you, but when all of a sudden she refuses to give you her phone, she is hiding something, and she doesn’t want you to see it. Most of the time, they are hiding texts, photos and so on. Don’t ask if she is cheating, because, she is!

Some put passwords, which were not there before back then and so on. This is another sign that there is a very high probability that your girlfriend is cheating on you.

Guy 6 said, “She Troubled me with False Accusations.”

Another guy told Neha Bhardwaj that if you notice that your girlfriend is always in the negative mood towards you, no matter when you meet, she is losing interest in the relationship and probably want to opt out. She is always willing to pick up fights with you unnecessarily. She is accusing you of things you know nothing about or even doesn’t have any idea. It is very possible that your girlfriend has opted to get another guy and choose him over you.

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Better be careful before the fights get worse and maybe you might be insulted and humiliated something you don’t want to happen to you. You should accept the fact that she is gone and get over it as soon as possible. Efforts to try solving the fights in a civilized manner will always backfire since she is no longer interested in you.

Guy 7 said, “She Always Looked Uneasy Around Me.”

It’s quite obvious that people who have done something bad to you and you don’t know yet, will always be restless and uneasy whenever around you. When your girlfriend is around you, and she is acting strangely as if she is on a hurry, this is a sign that something behind the scene is wrong and most likely, it’s that she is cheating on you. Maybe she doesn’t want to be seen with you or maybe she is lying that she is single. This is another one of the handful signs of your girlfriend cheating you. Neha Bhardwaj and guy 7 had this discussion about a cheater girlfriend.

Guy 8 said, “She Always Compared Me.”

When your girlfriend starts comparing your behaviors with a particular guy or some of your friend and criticizes you about it, she is on her way to leave you. She begins to tell you that you should clothe like someone else, eat like someone else, walk and sleep like someone else, she has grown tired of you, and she is getting bored of hanging out around you. You can simply do nothing to revive the old devotion and commitment that existed between both of you, once. She simply has another dude giving her all the satisfaction she says she wants, and she will ask you to change until she decides to move on. She is cheating on you. As a creative blogger in India, I have observed this also as a sign of a girlfriend cheating on her boyfriend.

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Guy 9 said, “She Avoided Picnics and Outings with Me.”

Most girls like going out with their guys and they really enjoy it. I am saying this out of my own experience. Whenever she is out with you, she is proud of you regardless of where you take her. There are those couples who like going out during weekends and others monthly. If you and your girl adore outings and then all over sudden she displays disinterest and refuses to go with you, then something is not right between you two.

If it’s not your mistake, she is certainly dating another guy, and she is totally into it. You asking for a date, as usual, will ruin her plans of meeting with the new guy in her life and she doesn’t want that. Therefore, if you notice this kind of a gesture, don’t ask if is she cheating on you, deep down know that she is cheating on you.

Guy 10 said, “She Behaved Abnormally & Unusual.”

Chatting with someone whose mind is not in the conversation is quite discouraging and boring. If you are having a conversation with your girlfriend and in the mid-way, you realize that you are talking to yourself that is the right time to point her faults out. She might be looking at you, but her mind is far away. Sometimes, they might utter words that make no sense at all or speak out the name of a guy thinking that she has said your name. When you interrogate her about it, she refuses to admit it and then you give up on the argument. There are very high chances that the person she will utter his name is the one she is meeting behind your back. She is playing with you, as she cheats on you.

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This was the last guy with whom Neha Bhardwaj discussed how a cheater girlfriend looks like.

The Crux

We all have been in that break-ups in relationships, and most have been brought about by cheating. The key to knowing if your partner is cheating on you is noticing the behavioral change, The bond between both of you will weaken day after another. Be vigilant to avoid being got by surprise when you realize your partner is cheating on you.

Signing off- This creative blogger in India, Neha Bhardwaj, will always be at your service to educate you with some authentic content, always!

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